Experiment 1:

Sit in the comfort of your home—whatever that means for you—long enough to place awareness on your breath. With each inhale and exhale, feel the movement of the tiny hairs inside your nose.

Imagine or feel yourself engulfed in the light of the sun, off the horizon. Whether you’re rising with the sun or witnessing the sunset, contemplate on the light filling your body. What is the quality of being on the horizon? What is on the horizon for you?

Free write. Free sing. Move free.

How does your body feel on the horizon? Let your body express this feeling. Notice how your breath moves throughout your body, scan your body—what does it mean to connect with your breath?

With your inhale, can you embody the feeling of what is on the horizon for you? With the exhale, return to the present moment: sitting, lying, standing, walking, wherever you are in space. Return to your breath energizing your cells, your blood. See if you can breathe with the horizon. Slowly, slowly, rest in the awareness of what is on the horizon.

Feel free to email me your results. I’d love to read your poetics, thoughts, suggestions, reviews. Many thanks!