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Excerpts from my chapbook First Call Home (funeral home poems) appear in this beautiful anthology: Morning/Mourning by Le Petite Press. Grateful to be included and so much love and thanks to Jona Fine!

And on the topic of Mourning/Morning:

Today, June 13, 2018 is a (Gemini) New Moon—how are you spending your mornings/mournings? When the Moon is New it gives us the opportunity to breathe in a new-blank page and begin a new chapter.

What story are you writing? What would your heart say if it could?

Samhain Ritual – Fall writing workshop

Happy Harvest time!

Join april on Halloween/Samhain

October 31st at 2-4 pm

@Whirled Pies, Downtown Eugene

We’ll open the space of writing up to our ancestors and dream our future together. 
Contact: to rsvp. 


An Introduction for Olga Broumas and T Begley’s Jamais Vu

Dear Poets on Earth,

I remember we used to speak poetry on decks inbetween creeks and smoke. Lavender.

Thank you for including me in your community of Luna’s breath.

Such an honor to hold space for Olga Broumas and T Begley’s Jamais Vu.

With love and rainbow light,



Click here for a sneak peak of Jamais Vu.



Beginning October 2016


You can click here for more details (the full flyer). Email me if you’re interested!

Special thanks to Emily, Judith and Marina for the inspiration!

Who are you?

photo (4)

Release and Embodiment Ritual

Feel where your breath is located inside your body

see if you can hear your heartbeat

can you feel

your blood

your breath

your heart

Continue reading “Who are you?”

Reveiw of Dawn Lundy Martin’s Life in a Box is a Pretty Life

Click here to read my review of Life in a Box is a Pretty Life, featured in Gesture. 

So grateful to be included in the issue: Doubling


An Offering to Gesture

Click here for my notes on staying alive. 

So much gratitude and love again to Sally and the folks at Gesture for providing the space to share and collaborate! 


Writing on the Horizon

Experiment 1:

Sit in the comfort of your home—whatever that means for you—long enough to place awareness on your breath. With each inhale and exhale, feel the movement of the tiny hairs inside your nose. Continue reading “Writing on the Horizon”

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